Court convicts car reviewer who posted high-speed video to Facebook

A British car reviewer and chauffeur company owner has been convicted of speeding by a U.K. court after prosecutors used his own video as evidence against him.

Joe Achilles, who has hosted a YouTube channel with over 57,000 subscribers, posted the clip of him driving an Audi R8 supercar on a narrow road against oncoming traffic to Facebook last November, SWNS reported.

During an unrelated investigation, the Derbyshire Constabulary’s Roads Policing Unit spotted the video and did some investigative work to figure out how fast Achilles was driving, even though his speedometer wasn’t visible. Based on landmarks in the video, officers were able to pinpoint 11 average speeds, which reached as high as 93 mph on the twisty 50-mph road.


Fines and fees for the violation came to over $1,500, and Achillies picked up six points on his license. Sergeant Adam Shipley described Achilles’ attempt to get views on social media as “pathetic” after the case.

He said: “This type of driving is careless, reckless and selfish. On this occasion, thankfully nobody died, but all too often the outcome very different.”