Bridezilla makes dangerous demand of her maid of honor: ‘I’m going to be stumbling around like a blind idiot’

One bride-to-be apparently doesn’t understand why people wear glasses.

While it’s normal for brides to make requests to their bridesmaids about how they look during the ceremony, this might be taking things too far. According to a very stressed out maid of honor, the bride-to-be not only demanded that she pay for hair extensions, but also demanded that the maid of honor keep her glasses off during the ceremony and reception.

The maid of honor, who said she’s “blind as a bat,” posted her story on Reddit. According to her, after an already stressful engagement, reportedly full of ‘bridal outrage’ moments, the bride-to-be recently came to her with some unusual (and potentially dangerous) requests.

The maid of honor took to Reddit to complain, “I don’t want to ‘ruin’ her wedding by wearing my glasses, but what in the world am I going to do?! I’m going to be stumbling around like a blind idiot.”
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According to the story, “The bride has asked me to add extensions in my hair, as I have a Bob cut (at my own expense of course), and demanded that I do NOT wear my glasses during the event.”

The maid of honor claimed she already had spent a lot of money on her friend’s wedding and her insurance plan wouldn’t cover an extra eye doctor appointment. Since she apparently didn’t have contact lenses already, she had to decide on wearing glasses and upsetting the bride or not being able to see all day. “How am I supposed to fix her train at the altar,” she asked, “and read my speech?”

The story continued, “I don’t want to ‘ruin’ her wedding by wearing my glasses, but what in the world am I going to do?! I’m going to be stumbling around like a blind idiot.”

Unfortunately, when she took her issues to the bride-to-be, the response wasn’t what she was hoping to hear. “When I explained this to her, she quickly pointed out that all of our dresses have pockets,” the post says. “If I need to find the restroom, I can briefly slide them on to see where I’m going but to be sure and remove them, before exiting as a photographer may be in the area taking photos. I really wish I had backed out of this mess the first time the fiancé moved out. But I’m stuck now.”

The comments on Reddit were, not surprisingly, in favor of the maid of honor wearing her glasses.


As one user explained, “This is ridiculous. Tell her you are wearing your glasses, and if you wanted longer hair, you would have it already. She knew what you looked like when she asked you to be in the wedding. Tell her if that is a problem, she will need to find a replacement.”

Another user added, “You are allowed boundaries here. I don’t care if she’s a bride or Queen Elizabeth. What she’s asking isn’t reasonable or normal.”


Others joined in to explain that despite how she felt, she actually wasn’t stuck. “Glasses. But also, sunken cost fallacy,” one user wrote.

“If she’s really that upset about you being able to see (!), I would respectfully bow out. The whole thing sounds like a hot mess but I can’t imagine asking my best friend to put themselves in harm’s way for some photographs. Not wearing them is a hazard and possibly adding heels to that mix sounds like an accident just waiting to happen.”


Another user agreed, posting, “You’re not stuck. You are an adult and can back out at any time. Tell her it’s either your hair as-is and your glasses, or you are out as MOH. She’s being ridiculous, especially for a woman of her age.”

Another user simply posted, “Wear your glasses.”